Monthly Archives: September 2004

Muni Golf at its Finest- Strange Days

I have a story to tell. Its not pretty, its not sexy, its just plain bizarre. Last week, I went out to play a nice round of golf. Originally, I was going to play with Pat in the morning, but he couldn’t join me. I tried to get my brother to come with me in the afternoon, but he made other plans. Nelson was at the Cape. So I did what any diehard golf would do when getting an opportunity to play. I went out by myself. I only have one recollection of being paired up with a person that I truly didn’t like, and the worst that happens in situations like this is you finish the round and never have to see the person again. I also played with a few strangers in the past who were competing with me, although I was unaware of it until later in the round. Continue reading