Batman and Robin

Alternatively “An Open letter to Joel Schumacher.” This is an especially disappointing is the performance by Jim Carrey. He was not amusing or anything like The Riddler in any form, but annoying. Its performances like this which makes me understand why some people can’t stand him. Jim is brilliant, but he needs to have a good director at the helm in order to bring out the best and discard the worst. Joel Schumacher is not that director. In order to save space on this page, you can put Batman Forever, 8MM, St. Elmo’s Fire, Flatliners, DC Cab, and every other movie from Joel Schumacher into this category (except The Lost Boys, Falling Down and Phone Booth which kind of allowed me to keep wondering whether there was directorial learning going on here).

I honestly believe that he destroyed the Batman franchise that Tim Burton brought to life out of a limp slapsticky jokey TV show image. Joel has pretty much killed the entire idea of Gotham City (hmm… does the word Gotham mean anything to him? Apparently not). He changed it to a neon, prancing goon, dumb good guy, irksome bad guy, gratuitous piece of pop-culture drivel with less value than a two day old unrefrigerated hot dog that has fallen on a dirty floor. Gratuitous? Lets talk codpieces and butt shots, shall we? What the hell Joel? Did you ever read a Batman comic in your life? Is this about helping George Clooney get a sexiest man of the year award or making Batman the brooding, bad mo-fo that we all know him to be. Clooney didn’t look like he had any inner demons, instead he smiled through his lines (something that I thought was his acting ability until I saw him in Out of Sight and The Perfect Storm. Again, the Director’s fault. I can go on, but he just ain’t worth it. One more thing, I just made a reference to the great one liners of Arnold in another movie (Predator), but you live by the cheese, you die by the cheese and his lines in this movie were just dumb. Reason to see it: I can’t think of one.

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