This movie should have been here from the moment I saw it, but for some reason that I couldn’t express at the time, I left it off the list completely. I have now seen this movie over 5 times and for the first 4 viewings, it still teetered on the edge between being my all-time favorite and moving down completely in rank to the Nearly Perfect.

The reason is that there are two drifter characters in it that bothered me the first couple of times, and I think it was just their performances rather than the material that did it. I can now say that I have accepted them in some way and it no longer detracts from an otherwise very special movie. The movie hits so many emotional buttons for me, more with each viewing. The last time I watched it, the last 40 minutes was through the blur of tears. There is also a scene, that for any musician who appreciates the visual and audio synergy, will absolutely blow you away.

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