CD- Mindfulness through Meditation

Meditation CD CoverI recorded and produced this CD for our training group in HR at work. Our company developed a program to teach mindfulness in the workplace, simple meditation techniques to assist the employees with stress management and to help them maintain focus and energy during the work day. The program was a hit for internal employees, but the supporting materials were not useful and were costing the company some money to supply.

MP3s from the CD (play with Quicktime or download for free and enjoy)

  1. 3 Minute Guided Meditation
  2. 10 Minute Guided Meditation
  3. 10 Minute Body Scan
  4. 20 Minute Body Scan (big file, be patient)
  5. 20 Minute Guided Meditation (big file, be patient)
  6. 3 Minute Guided Meditation (wav file, be patient)

The program initially included a CD for our home-based practice and the sound quality was awful. It sounded as if someone took an old tape and converted it into a CD without remastering it.  There was a very loud hissing sound throughout the CD and if you are practicing meditation, this extra white noise was quite a distraction (especially for a beginner). I felt that in order for this program to be effective, the home practice could use a little boost, so I offered to create a new one with the program instructor, Tara Healey. I felt that hearing the instructor’s voice at home would strengthen the lessons learned in class and Tara had a perfect voice to be the guide on a CD like this. Since she was leading the course, it perfectly blended the home practice with the class activity.

Tara agreed to be the talent for the CD and I set up the recording session. As much as I love recording studios, I feel that today, there are so many advances in recording techniques that simple and clean will often work just fine for most purposes. This CD was recorded using:


  1. Simple sound-canceling Logitech USB headset
  2. Laptop computer
  3. Goldwave


  1. Goldwave (for simple editing and timing)
  2. Adobe Audition (sound engineering and final production)
  3. Roxio (CD production)
  4. Adobe Photoshop (CD graphics)

CD Contents (70 minutes):

10 & 20 Minute Guided Meditation

The content is pretty much the same for each, but the timing of the 20 minute adds more space for those who would like to try a longer version of the program. There are other subtle differences in the two.

10  & 20 Minute Body Scan

The body scan makes the practitioner aware of each part of their body, on part at a time and focuses the awareness to observe that part of the body and the sensations associated with each. The 10 and 20 minutes are the same, except that more time is spent with each body part for the 20 minute version.  This is a very good relaxation technique.

Program Success:

Since 2008, the program is now being offered to companies as part of their overall wellness program, and we have mass-produced over 3,000 of the CD’s for use in the home.  The mp3s are freely available to use and I will post them very soon. This also saved the company money in costs for purchasing the CDs that were previously used for the program.

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