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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Queen Bee Barrette
This is a brand new business specializing in creating fun and unique hair accessories for girls. The site was designed by Karen Keeler, who is a visual design associate of mine. I built the site templates, navigation flow and set up the e-commerce for online ordering.



Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Built 14 intranet sites and over 100 business applications. I used current design best practices, navigation, architecture, search engine optimization, usability, database administration and content management skills blended together to provide a high value at an incredibly low cost (a few salaries). The majority of the sites are in-house, so there are only screenshots available.



Oxford Greens HOAOxford Greens Home Owners Association
Site design, navigation, logo, architecture, functionality, content management. The site was created using Drupal 6.x. Based on the Drupal philosophy, 6.x was recommended to keep moving the evolution of the product forward but version 5.x was more stable and there were many items in version 6.x that needed constant adjustment. The site now serves 300+ residents in a gated-community. The community now has event coordinators and club managers who manage their own content and notify their groups of activities to keep the community close together.


Blackstone River Watershed Council
Blackstone River Watershed Council
Site design, navigation, logo, architecture, functionality, content management. The site was originally designed in 2002 using PHP but will be relaunched this year using WordPress. This will allow the group to provide members with more interaction with the events and volunteer opportunities. There is also a private “members only” section for council members to be able to access templates, letterheads and other materials for promotion.


The Relocation Intelligencer
Relocation Intelligencer
This site is built in PHP and uses the e107 Content and User Management system which allows the owner to tailor his end products (online reports) directly to individual users and groups. I handled the design, user access levels (ACLs), navigation, logo, architecture, functionality and content management. The e107 system was chosen after an extensive review of competing open-source content management systems. Most content management systems employ a gated security approach (users are led through a series of gates). This owner needed to a matrix structured approach, which I call the “apartment building” approach to security, which allows all users to get in, but only will display content designated for each group or user.


I created the design, style templates, navigation, logo, architecture, functionality, and original content. This site has a dual purpose, first to showcase my projects and demonstrate my web philosophy. Second, to serve as a place where friends and family can securely communicate (not visible to everyone). Third this serves as a creative writing vehicle. This site was originally built in PHP to demonstrate the power of putting together sites with re-usable components (saves programming time), but has since changed into a WordPress blog starting in 2010 so that I will be , and uses a table design. Formatting and navigation is stylesheet driven. This site employs a Springboard Forum for the golf section.


2006 – 2009

Emmas Edibles
Emma’s Edibles
Site design, navigation, logo, architecture, functionality, content management. This site uses table-less design and is completely stylesheet driven. It also employs CSS sliding doors for its navigation. Due to the one-woman operation, the owner wants to take candy orders by email and doesn’t want full ecommerce services. The site also employs Fusion News for remote content management by the owner.



Hawk Hill Land Improvement
Hawkhill Land Improvement
This site is a local land improvement company that needed to display past projects in order to show new customers more deeply involved land improvement beyond landscaping. I provided the site design, navigation, logo, architecture, functionality, content management. This site used PHP for navigation management and component based reusable pieces.



Friend of McKee
Friends of Dan McKee
In 2006, after being defeated in 2004 by a sneaky competitor (defeated the mayor in the primary where nobody voted), I was called in to assist with a site that had scattered information, in need to organization and multimedia support. I quickly put together a structure that was logical and easy to navigate. The site was successful with the Mayor being re-elected.





Town of Cumberland Site
I reorganized content for the Town, designed a logical navigation hierarchy, created PDF forms and legislative material, graphics, and wrote content.




Law Net News
Law Net News
The site used Cold Fusion and Access and later SQL databases for the content. I re-worked the navigation system, graphics, database, UI and set up the newsletter subscriptions service.




1996-2002 Sites

Scudder Investments Dynamic Content
Scudder Investments
Online Account Management: Not only did we allow users to view all of their account information, recent trades and asset allocation before our competition was able to offer it, we also allowed the phone representatives to shadow as an account-holder to assist users while they were online using a tool that I designed called RepTools. Using this tool, reps could pretend they were the user and navigate through their accounts without actually affecting any of the information.



Scudder Investments Holding Section
Online Investment Calculators:
I created the financial service industry’s first online tools for assisting individuals to understand their overall financial picture. Before this offering, users were only able to perform these tasks using software mailed from a company. Calculators that I designed include the IRA Eligibility Calculator, Roth IRA Conversion Calculator, Asset Allocation Worksheet, Personal Investment Organizer, Mutual Fund Information, IRA Comparison Calculator



End-to-End User tracking system for Marketing:
I created the first system which allowed the company to track incoming assets to initial creative placements all over the web. At a time when online advertising houses were tracking click-throughs only, our company was able to gauge the value of both placements of advertisements as well as the creative effectiveness itself based on conversion from a user to a customer and assets attributed to the creative. Our group was able to lure advertising personnel from the agencies based on this innovation.

Scudder Investments Main Page Trading Online: I developed the methodology and UI for first mutual fund online trading system. We offered exchanges between funds, purchases and redemptions (non-IRA).






Online tax forms: I created the online templates for the mutual fund tax forms. This allowed our users to view and download their tax forms instead of mailing. No other company offered this at the time.






AARP Investment Program
AARP Investments Dynamic Content AARP Investments Exchanges Section