DIY Reflexion Filter

Here are the construction pics from the DIY Reflexion Filter. This is still a work in progress and I will need to do some extensive testing to make sure that the filter is not stripping away any frequencies. So far the results are good and the design allows the materials to be loose so that there are air gaps between them. I am planning on adding the completed pictures of it mounted on a microphone stand soon (it might require one more fastener, before I am done), along with some before and after sound bites to provide a little bit of comparison.

The idea behind this design is that there are two pieces, a lower piece to block the sound going out to the walls, and an optional top piece for low ceilings.

Here is the list of materials that I used:

  • 1 panel of acoustic ceiling tile (leftover from basement)
  • 36 inch x 54 inch piece of car interior fabric ($10)
  • 24 inch x 48 inch piece of acoustic foam ($24)
  • leather pouch (leftover material from sunglasses, used to hold the filter to a mic stand)
  • Velcro (self-adhesion kind), we’ll see if this holds long term, but it is really sticky, $5)
  • snaps (optional, you can use Velcro to connect the top and bottom pieces, I like the snaps) ($5)

Assembly materials:

  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine & thread
Some pics of assembly:
(click on the picture for a larger version)
The Materials Fold and pin Sew the pockets
Cut the two Lower piece Both pieces Inserts
Using snap buttons to attach
cut foam affix with velcro leather pouch to attach
Sound Tests for Room Treatment and Reflection Filter

OK, I did a number of tests. For the test, I simply read a couple of sentences from a business letter (boring, I know but effective for staccato). These takes are also completely unprocessed for any noise reduction or effects. Just raw recordings. Take a listen:

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