“And then things got weird.”

The first course that we actually asked if they had alligators. I am not sure why we thought that by not asking, they wouldn’t have any, but strangely enough, we hadn’t seen one until this course. The man at the pro shop actually said that there were a few big ones out there.

This may have been one of the most fun rounds of the year, not just the tourney. Dave shot “lights out” here with a crowd pleasing 77 gross. That, of course, didn’t include a penalty for picking his ball up out of a sand trap. Before you call me a stooly, I’ll explain. The first alligator that we saw was in the water. The tee was on one side, the fairway on the other, and the alligator was harmlessly in the middle. The next alligator was a few holes up, but instead of being in the water, he was in the sand trap on the far side of the water, just before the fairway. I think Pat remarked, “Can you imagine having to play out of that trap with him in there?” No sooner had he said it when Dave’s tee shot made a bee line for the trap and landed about two feet from the tail (see the pics below). The alligator got angry and left the trap, but we knew he’d be back. Well, Dave didn’t ask, but we offered to give him free relief. Check out the picture as Dave rescues his ball from the trap (its blurry because he is doing his impersonation of The Flash).

After Pat hit his teeshot into the right woods, Dave remarked back to watch out for the killer squirrels. And sure enough, there was one ready to pounce on poor unsuspecting Patrick.

Here are the results:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Cum Strokes Behind Team Points Total Team Status Change
Brian 84 18 66 298 +8
Dave 77 10 67 299 +9
Pat 21
Nelson 84 16 75 290

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