Long Bay


“Welcome to Long Bay.”

After the Possum Trot experience, it was time to have a little fun at a Jack Niclaus designed course. As we drove in, we noticed that there were many mounds. They looked… well… interesting. I am not sure what kind of fetish Jack was satisfying, but we had a few ideas (boobs). We paid for our round (I bought a dry shirt). Putted, and went to the first tee. Before we could hit, the air horn sounded and we retreated to the Pro shop where we waited out the heavy lightning storm and played cards over a few pints.

The skies cleared a bit and we made our way out again. Dave hit his tee shot right down the heart of the fairway (Jack would be proud) and proclaimed, “Welcome to Long Bay.” Nelson stepped up and hit a bomb and yelled, “Behold… the power of cheese.” I pushed mine off into the woods and whimpered something unintelligible. And Pat made his to the fairway with “…” Just then the air horn sounded again. we left our shots where the were (I was nearly crying now because mine was possibly lost in the woods and I really needed to go find it, but we went back into the clubhouse for round 2 of pints and cards.

The skies really let up in about 20 minutes and we played some of the most beautiful holes in memory. Dave managed to get into the sand on three holes in a row, but also got up and down for three straight sandies.

On hole 7, Nelly and Pat saw a massive crack of lightning and we all decided that we were pushing our luck after the morning round. We headed for the clubhouse again, where we reveived Rain Checks. I can’t wait to go back.

There are no scores for this round, but good memories (sniff sniff).

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