Possum Trot


“Um… HOLD ME!”

The day that tested the mental fortitude of all participants. After three months of drought (radio stations praying for rain, and all that), the heavens decided to answer… right on the first tee. Please check the picture below for a glimpse. It is close but still doesn’t express the sheer voloume of rain that fell on us in the span of a half hour. At this point, it didn’t matter what kind of golfers we were in the past, the fact that we played at all initiated us as life-long members into the Die-Hard Club.

The rain let up for a while, and we played. There were standing puddles in the fairway, a lot of casual water rulings, and generally putt that rooster tailed their ways across greens. Surprisingly, the course drained well and the puddles disappeared and kept the rain in check…

That was until hole 15. We were approaching the green, and David parked the cart to hit his ball as I waited in the cart. I am not exactly sure how close it was, but to my right (I’d say 300 yards), a bolt of lightning hit, followed by an instantaneous “BOOM”. I don’t know about David, but I almost made a deopsit in my shorts (and David was holding a club at the time). All of us jumped into our carts and sought shelter (along with 30 other golfers), in a nearby bathroom cabana, while one of the most violent lightning storms passed overhead.

We went back out about 30 minutes later and finished the round. David shot the low gross (81), and Nelson & Brian tied the low net.

Here are the results:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Cum Strokes Behind Team Points Total Team Status Change
Brian 86 18 68 232 +17
Dave 81 10 71 232 +17
Pat 21
Nelson 84 16 68 215

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