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“You’ve got the touch.”

As luck would have it, we kind of ran out of pre-planned courses to play, so we decided to ask around and see what the locals had to offer. Myrtle is so nice, because these people gave us a hidden gem (I am not so sure if a secret like this would get out in MA).

The only problem was… we were pooped. This round had more shanks than a meat packing plant. It wasn’t that bad, but each player had moments that just wouldn’t have happened on a normal day. So noone really took the round all that seriously, even though Nelson and Brian were tied for first place.

Shot of the day was on 18, and Nelly had the honors. We were all taking in the serene par 3 over water, hitting toward the clubhouse, with a few people looking on. Nelson takes a nice slow backswing and, “You’ve got the touch.” comes barreling out of Pat’s mouth. How Nelly finished the swing is amazing, how he made contact with the ball is a miracle, where the ball landed… was predictable… in the water. Noone else fared much better (though drier), because we were so punchy, that no one could stop laughing until we putted out. I think that I had a 6 or 7 or something. Thanks to equitable stroke control, we didn’t humiliate ourselves.

The average score was inflated, but Murph ended up beating Nelson by 4 stokes (straight up) and 7 strokes (with the super-duper-inflated handicap). Here’s to stinking early in the season. The first annual Romp Trophy came home with Murph. “Finally the ROMP has come back to East Boston.”

Here are the final results:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Cum Strokes Behind Team Points Total Team Status Change
Brian 89 19 70 640
Dave 88 11 77 661 +21
Pat 22
Nelson 93 17 76 647 +7


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