Acushnet River Valley


There was a bit of a scare on this final round, after a heavy night of rain soaked the course. The foursome was also in danger of missing the tee-time, but Pat and Dave showed up with just enough time to use the Men’s Room before teeing off.

Starting 9 strokes back, Murph mounted the charge that would scare the leader after coasting his way through the previous rounds. The lead was shaved down to 3 strokes, before Murph imploded on the par 5 14th, the short par 4 15th, and the easy par 4 16th. By the time the boyz rolled up to the 17th par 3, it was all over and Murph remained 7 strokes back.  Pat and Dave also had beautiful finishing rounds finishing with net 69’s each and both had the single highest charge of the week with an amazing 11 stroke comeback.

The Nelsonian Institute was victorious and brought home the trophy that only a ROMP winner could love. The… uh… Bobby Brady, Hawaii Trip, Tiki Idol, Big Boner, Grass Skirt ROMP 2000 Trophy.

The team competition finished up with an equal whimper as the two leaders (Pat and Brian) furthered their lead and finally got to taste not ROMP victory but a cold frosty, compliments of Nelly and Dave.

ummmm… cold brew…

Finishing Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Scores Cum Strokes Behind Team Points Total Team Status Change
Brian 89 14 75 518 +7 12 48
Dave 78 9 69 537 +26 0 20
Pat 93 24 69 521 +10 12 47
Nelson 90 13 77 511 0 37

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