Cranston Country Club


This was our first stop on the road to the Bobby Brady Tiki Idol Boner Statue thingy that Pat picked out. At this point, we all just know that the trophy is going to be unusual, since Pat was so excited about picking it out and would tell nobody.

We all arrived and stretched out a bit, feeling that familiar excitement of the days ahead and knowing that we were going to (above all else) have some laughs that would come out of nowhere.

This particular course was the one that was to mark the beginning of the golf journey and each participant had to come up with a phrase to utter once they completed their first tee shot on the 10th hole (as we played it, the 1st hole).

First up was Dave “West Coast” Maynard, sporting a nifty 8 handicap for the week. He took his time and made a good swing with bad contact, sending the ball bouncing down through the sparse bushes somewhere towards the hole. He yelled and kicked the dirt, “Goddammit, that’s what I get for travelling 6 hours across the country and not warming up, geesh.”

Not really knowing what to say, the group paused for a moment of silence, and then I asked, “Was that your phrase?” This incident pretty much set the tone for the week. We did eventually compose ourselves enough to try and get our phrases out on another hole, but I think I pretty much forgot mine by that time and we blew them off.

The team event (Bingol Bangol Bongol) was split pretty evenly between all players.

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Cum Team Points Total Team Status Change
Brian 86 14 72 72 5 5
Dave 87 9 78 78 5 6
Pat 110 24 86 86 3 3
Nelson 86 13 73 73 4 4

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