Olde Scotland Links


If there was a time to make a charge, this was it. Pat was making regular comments about his dogs a-barkin, and we tried out new 21st century technology in some magnetized insoles. I still am not sure how they work or whether they work, but with renewed feet, we hit this wonderful Scottish links style course (which is very apparent from the name).

Brian shaved 4 strokes off the lead and Pat remained where he was. Dave lost some ground though having played the course the year before.

In the team competition, we finally started to see daylight as Pat and Brian emerged from the pack.  They were already tasting that frosty brew…

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Scores Cum Strokes Behind Team Points Total Team Status Change
Brian 83 13 70 443 +9 12 48
Dave 88 8 80 468 +34 0 20
Pat 96 22 74 452 +18 12 47
Nelson 86 12 74 434 0 37

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