Blackstone National Golf Club


“Hello Carlo…”

We were Summary

than others. Nelly had tried to get home twice. The first time, after the heavy rains, his car just wouldn’t start. The second night, we ended up having our friends come over with their new baby and Nelly ended up on the couch.

Pat was long gone due to pedi-injury (though threatening the “what if” scenario by challening for the lead in his last round). Dave felt like he was playing well and sensed that he could take the title if Brian or Nelly had a bad round.

The day was wonderful and Blackstone was worth the drive time and dollars spent.

Brian shot his best round of the week and managed to close the gap to +6, given the state of the next round, he would be forced to beat either player straight up for the championship.

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Scores Cum Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 83 15 68 451 +6
Dave 80 9 71 445
Nelson 91 14 77 449 +4

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