Blissful Meadows Golf Club


“Hello Carlo”

With a quick check of the scores, we determined that given the strokes for the last round, we were all tied up, meaning that we pretty much had to beat each other straight up in order to take away the trophy. Advantage… Dave.

The first nine went pretty hairy, especially for Nelsonic who had a bee incident on a par 3 after putting his second shot in the trap. There were these little white bees in the trap, so he moved it to a safe spot and hit it. Dave also had a tough time on that hole.

On the 10th we checked the damage. Dave and Brian shot a 44 and Nelly shot a 46. Pretty much even again. On the 10th each golfer had their share of problems and they all took a double bogey. On the 11th Brian’s safe 4 iron shot went dead left into the woods and his second one went into the wood on the right. Out of the hole. From here, Dave seized the opportunity to make some pars. Brian had a small comeback and parred the 16th, then hit a terrible shot on 17 followed by a terrific 3 iron from the rough to get him another par. 18 was all David with a great safe tee shot and approach he put the other two golfers away with style. A great finish for the man who finally shed his old name “West Coast Maynard” and replaced it with “The Sniper”.

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Scores Cum Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 91 15 76 527 +7
Dave 84 8 76 520
Nelson 94 13 81 529 +9

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