Fenner Hill

This round was cut short by a wet avalanche of rain. Everyone seemed to be doing pretty well and playing within their means. The most memorable shot(s) for the week occurred here. On the first hole, Nelson’s tee shot went a little errant to the left and he was in the rough with about 150 left to the pin. Crossing the first fairway and slightly parallel to it are a series of high tension power lines. Nelson’s first shot was a beauty, but struck the lines with full force and got knocked down. Pat allowed the customary free re-hit, and Nelson decided to play a knock down shot to stay under the lines. This time he hit the lower power line. Given a bucket of 100 balls, I doubt that he could do it again, but somehow, he managed to hit two in a row.

After 7 holes, we called it when they closed the course due to standing water all over the place.

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