Olde Scotland Links


The rain cleared, but not without a casualty. Pat’s new golf shoes took their toll on his feet and he had to withdraw fromt he tournament. The remaining competitors took to the second links style course of the day and week. The day was bright and sunny and a slight breeze blew in but did not hinder performances.

Dave held firm with solid performance on both 9’s but lost a few strokes in net play from Nelson, and trailed once again after holding a two round lead.

Brian mastered a few holes that have eluded him in the past including the par 5 9th which he birdied and the par 5 18th which he parred, but struggled with a few of the shotmakers’ holes including the 15th where an errant drive forced a carry over trees and water (but the trees had the better of him).

Nelson also had a very up and down round which was capped by a tumultuous 18th where he drove into the rough, then into the lateral hazard, then after a drop, into the front bunker, and finally onto the green. As he lined up his 63 foot putt the up over the hill and about five feet elevated in total, the rest of the group thought “trash can”, but the putt ran up the hill and dropped into the jar for a bogey.

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net Scores Cum Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 91 14 77 382 +9
Dave 86 8 78 373 +2
Pat Sore foot
Nelson 88 13 75 371

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