Nelson Pina Profile

Nelson  Pina STATUS: Net Division A
FULL NAME: Nelson J. C. Pina
HEIGHT: 5’ 6″
BIRTHDATE: October, 1966
RESIDENCE: Bartlesville, OK
FAMILY: Single
COLLEGE: Tufts University
SPECIAL INTERESTS: Fishing, all sports, annoying Beth
Individual Victories
1st at 1999 BAGS Society Championship, 1st at 2000 ROMP Classic, 2nd 1999 ROMP Classic
Team Victories
2006- 2nd place Concord Member/Guest tournament (w/ Hammerhead and Sniper), 2001- 1st Team Tourney (Marcotte, Rollo, 4th), 1st- 2000- 1st Firefly Classic (Murphy, Pina, Rollo, Marcotte), 1997 1st Scudder Open (Murphy, Magliozzi, Pina, Rollo)
Best Gross Score
Best Score (Strokes over par)
Career Highlights
Auto-nicknamed “The Tourniquet”, but actually nicknamed “Fireball”, Nelson missed a victory by 2 stokes in ROMP 2002. He attributed this mainly to his lack of putting in the early rounds, which would have given him a commanding victory. His long driving ability and crisp iron play remains intact and as he plays host to ROMP 2003, he will have the distinct advantage of playing in the tough wind conditions and scouting the courses beforehand. He is considered the favorite for the tournament and should have a solid comeback.

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