De Laveaga

Tuesday August 6th



Shot of the Round:
Its a bad one… a possible tone setter for the round… fortunately it wasn’t. On the par 3 3rd, Murph selects a club that has been his bread and butter from 125, the PW, and sends one over the green, ending up about 145 in total yards. I can’t explain it, it just something you accept when you are on steroids.

Runner up:
Its another bad one… and unless you guys come up with a good one, I will have to go with the string of terrible decisions/shots that Murph made on the par 5 10th. This was purely poor course management… Great layup teeshot with a 4 iron, followed by an ultra aggressive 5 wood trying to go over a dogleg that he had never seen before and putting it in the hazard, then dropping and hitting an equally bad 7 iron into the dogleg once more… Can I take my 7 and sit down please?

Nelly’s front nine, if memory serves, was godawful. Dave kept pace with Murph, who actually felt pretty good about the round, that one shot notwishstanding. Darryl was fun to play with as usual. There was a hole, I think it was 18, where Nelly went so far right, we never saw him again… not sure what happened on that one, but I can only assume that it was a similar situation to my 10th…

Here are the scores:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net To Par Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 86 15 71 -5
Dave 78 7 71 +2 +7
Nelson 95 14 81 +12 +17

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