Poppy Hills

Friday August 9th

“Somebody tell him he doesn’t have to hit it from there!”

SummaryShot of the Round:
Nelly, on 18, down by a stroke, with Brian already on the putting surface, hits a towering, high, approach shot over the one giant obstacle, an enormous pine tree, and lands the ball 2 inches from the cup, and draws back to about 2 feet. This shot drew cheers from the gallery back at the clubhouse.

Runner up:
Hey, I didn’t say it had to be a good one right? Well, although this round was full of other great shots, Nelly gets the nod again for his shot on #15, which took him out of the hole. From the bunker, over the green and into the wheel-well of his cart. 2 stroke penalty. “One in a million shot Doc, one in a million.” You have to see the pic on this one below…

Who would have thought that it would come down to Poppy? Murph had a commanding lead after the first day and it just got pecked at through much improved putting from Nelly. Dave played his game, but it is hard to compete when your handicap is such that it is easy to play to it, but hard to play below it.

Well, Murph held his day together, with a comeback after a horrible drive on #13. He opted to re-tee instead of taking the drop, and tattooed a driver down the middle. The approach was within 6 feet and he drained the bogey putt limiting damage and almost securing the win… that is if Nelly wasn’t nipping at his heels…

On the #16th par 3, Nelly drained a huge 25 foot putt for birdie… Murph looked for the gimmee for his par, but didn’t get the love, and subsequently missed it.

17 was the pivotal hole. Murph put his on the par 3, but Nelly hit his to the right and down into a red staked area on a steep sloped hill with swing plane hindrances. Assuming that he would take a drop and play for a bogey, since Murph was not assured of a par, the gallery looked on. The famous phrase, “I have a shot.” came up from the woods, and Murph and Dave looked on intently. After a valiant effort, the ball came back to rest near its original lie. Nelly opted to swing again (prompting the quote from Tin Cup that I used up above), and got it out, but still had a chip and made double bogey. If it weren’t for the fact that Murph had played against Nelly in the past, he would have thought this victory was in the bag with his bogey. It all came down to 18.

On 18 (let me see if I have this right), Murph was up by 2 shots, and hit a good drive and layup shot and ended up being on in 4 with a par putt downhill. Nelly hit a rough drive, and ended up lying three on his approach. His 4th landed 2 feet from the cup. So a made par putt and missed bogey putt from Murph would end it in a tie. Nelly missed his gimmee and Murph made his bogey securing the 1 stroke win. Here are the scores:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net To Par Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 90 16 74 +10
Dave 85 7 78 +22 +12
Nelson 89 12 77 +12 +2

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