Thursday August 8th

“I’ll punch them right in the head. I’m bringing out the thumb!”
“Beware the Evil Eucalyptus!”

A little battle weary now, and definitely hungry for breakfast. The Fellowship of the Club didn’t have as much time to plan a well balanced sleep/breakfast as we did for the earlier rounds. The starter was sure to point out the very nice snack shack that stood between about 6 holes. We tee’d off with another single who was about as erratic as they come, but was still good fun to play with due to the fact that he was just out there to have a good time.We finished the first hole (about 20 minutes behind schedule due to a delay in start times), and approached the 2nd tee box. The group in front of us was still waiting to tee off. We took the opportunity to get ourselves together, use the facilities and grab a muffin. After another 5 minutes, we had already sat on the tee and ate our muffins, and still had another 5 minutes to go until the group ahead was clear. We finally tee’d off and proceeded down the fairway.

Half way down, we were met by the ranger who told us that the group behind us called in on their cell phones and complained that we made a pit stop at the snack shack. We were floored, since we had a 13 minute wait, there was nothing else for us to do anyway. Nelly didn’t hear the ranger, so I told him what happened and he immediately said, “Where? Those guys? I’ll punch them in the head! I’m bringing out the thumb!” Of course, I haven’t seen the movie The Presidio, but there is a famous scene where Sean Connery takes a guy out using only his thumb, so I missed the instant humor paired with the apparent rage…

Today Hammerhead Accelerator Columbian Necktie (or HAC’R for short) could not decide what he wanted to screw up more, the Par 5’s or the Par 3’s, but chose to destroy himself on the par 5’s. The 18th hole says, “Beware the Evil Eucalyptus, which runs all the way down the fairway on the left.” Well, HAC’R didn’t and lost 2 balls, after a pretty good teeshot landed in the bunker. Dave “The Sparrow” shaved a few strokes here off the lead, but felt that he got robbed on a couple of rather unfair pin positions where the ball rolled much further than intended, and Nelly shot well enough to take the lead outright for the first time in the tourney.

Shot of the Round:
Noone said it had to be a good one, right? Well, the Evil Eucalyptus claimed two of my balls on that dreadful par 5. But I think that my inability to manage the hole was to blame. After a decent first shot, I put one dead left, into the grove.

Runner up:

Same hole, same player, next shot. After that lousy shot, I hit a provisional into a bunker, and then proceeded to try to make the green and redeem myself, but instead, put another one into the Evil Grove. I got in the cart and started drinking heavily after that…

Here are the scores:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net To Par Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 91 15 76 +8 +1
Dave 82 7 75 +16 +8
Nelson 87 12 75 +7

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