San Juan Oaks

Wednesday August 7th

“And then… depression set in.”

SummaryShot of the Round:
I can’t remember…

Runner up:
Just can’t…

Man, this was a wierd one. The day was about as perfect as it gets. We’re talking 78 degrees, small hint of wind, sunny, and just nobody on the course. Then Dave’s cell phone rings and it is Lisa, his wife, who’s car broke down on the way back up from L.A. Talk about taking you out of your mental game in a sentence. The real problem was that there was nothing that anybody could do, which made it all the worse. So needless to say, Dave’s “A” game was missing. Then on the 13th hole, I get a message from my wife about some crazy stuff happening back at home, and I stop focusing. What a mess. That round just should have been called “DO OVER!”. But we managed to work through it and have as much fun as the day allowed. Oh, by the way… Nelly played well… and crept back into this thing. We needed just one more phone call…

Here are the scores:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net To Par Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 91 15 76 +4
Dave 89 7 82 +13 +9
Nelson 80 13 67 +4

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