Santa Teresa Afternoon Round

Monday August 5th

“Revenge for Wanda!”

SummaryShot of the Round:
Brian on #14 Par 3 from 171 drops the tee shot to 3 feet and sinks the birdie.

Runner Up:
I think I will need some help with this one…

You really can’t beat free golf. After playing the morning round, the afternoon round was free. We expected to have a bit of a wait and would have gone to our backup tee time at Canyon Creek had it not worked out for us at Santa Teresa, but the person in the pro shop let us out within a few minutes of finishing our morning round.  The only thing that we lacked was ample time to eat, so it was pre-packed ham sandwiches while we waited on the first tee to tee off.

After we tee’d off, we got a loudspeaker notice from the Pro Shop that the group on the first tee has a fourth joining them and need to wait.  Since we all tee’d off, I figured that they meant the next group, and since they were a threesome, they definitely meant them.   But after we started moving, she politely informed us that we were the group to wait.  Promptly, a dark skinned gentleman joined us.  His name was Ray, and oddly enough, his swing reminded me of… me.  Sometimes you have a crapshoot when you join strangers.  A few rare times, I have played with people that don’t deserve your attention because they are either too annoying or downright offensive (i.e. the Italian couple from the North End of Boston that asked me if I was gay… or the guy who stole other peoples’ balls even in the fairway… or just basic creeps who don’t think that you are good enough to play from the blue tees)… and let you know it throughout the round with their looks everytime you hit a ball that is less than professional… Most of the time we end up with characters that fit in well and add a new and interesting perspective of the dynamics that unfold furing the course of the round.

When it is all over, you may have a beer with the person and even bond a bit, exchange emails, and phone numbers, but utlimately… you won’t call, and they won’t care, and everything is ok because of it. Ray was one of those fellows. He knew he had a terrible golf game, but had a natural athletic swing, and had a few moments of greatness. He was more concerned with being out there, taking some hacks at it, and enjoying the company. He didn’t get in our way, or slow us down, he just played alongside, and when he was out of the hole, he kept in the shadows, and when he played well, we somehow saw it. Just an interesting round.

Today we had just enough fuel to spark a funny day with this guy. He had a New York Yankees hat, but was from Florida, so we had to give him some of the business. Later, after hearing us give each other some real ribbing (something about someone’s Mom, I think…) he said, “Man, I could never have these kinds of burns with my friends, they can’t take it, but you guys take it in the meaning that it was given. I wish I could do that.” Overall, I think this is telling of the kind of bond that we have established over the years and continue to build upon.

This afternoon golfwise, Murphy overall scored one shot more than the morning round, but scored on holes that he didn’t in the morning. On 17, he knew that he had to make something happen and when he crushed his drive down the fairway, he exlaimed, “Revenge for Wanda!” and again on 18. Both holes this time yielded much lower scores. Nelson tried a few tricks this time to see if it would impact his round. On the 479 yard par 5 11th, he cut the corner hard but didn’t make it to the other side. David started yet again with a 6. This time he played his second shot out of bounds and had to go all the way back to the 160 mark to replay it. David managed to get it together though, and we originally called the 150 stake the Maynard Stake.

Here are the scores:

Daily Results:
Player Gross Strokes Net To Par Strokes Behind Status Change
Brian 84 14 70 -4
Dave 79 7 72 +3 +6
Nelson 85 13 72 +4 +8

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