Saturday August 3rd
“Hey, this guy sounds a lot like Eddie Money!” Summary

Shot of the Round:
The comment I made about the song “Breakup Song”. We were playing this round and listening to a concert at the same time, and some godawful band was covering the Greg Kihn Band’s “Breakup Song”. I remarked that my high school band played it better than this joker. After the group went off, someone came on the microphone said, “Hey, give it up for Greg Kihn!” I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing.

Runner Up:
We were tee’ing it up on a hole (not sure which one) and these concert goers saunter right out across the teebox about 100 yards away. Of course, they are absolutely oblivious that their shortcut is across a golf course and do not see us (or were pretending not to), so Daryll yells, “Get out of the way, you %*$#!* idiots!” It was my turn to hit, but I have been known to… on occasion skulled a shot or two, and even hit a goose once with a grounder, so Nelly says, “I’ll tee it up.” The shot of the day had to be that one, since he drove it right over their heads but made 9 partgoers each drop a chalupa in their pants.

Shoreline was a great place to play, we had a blast. For some reason, I am missing some pics. We had a running gag going without Dave’s knowledge. I took a picture of him as he hit a very bad shot (for Dave). So he gets up to the ball and I take another picture (the camera is silent), and he hits one into the greenside bunker. I tell Nelly that the only pictures of Dave are when he is screwing up and I wondered whether I could make him have a bad round by continuing the snapshots. So I took one more, and he hit it out of the bunker but over the green. Nelly and I were laughing about that for a while before we decided to tell him. I almost got the Sean Penn Paparazzi Treatment.

At one point, a new band started playing and I remarked at how much it sounded like Eddie Money (the concert was really close to us). Of course, it was him, and we were treated to a soundtrack for the entire round, it was really cool, and he sounded great. I will look for those missing pics, we had a few good ones, but there are three…

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