Sunday August 4th Summary Shot of the Round:
I’ll need some memory assistance on this, but If memory serves, Nelly had a spectacular shot on the back nine par 3 12th(?).

Runner Up:
On the 3rd hole (if memory serves, the one after we go across the road). Murph put his tee shot so far left, he was in the next county. Well, he coolly took his 7 iron and spanked a beauty not only over one tree, but under another, and advanced the ball to striking distance of the par 5.

Nice fun place to play. We were trying to get in as much relaxation on this round, but given that the course also shares real estate with an airport and has landing lights on certain holes, its about all you can do to try and concentrate. Still a fun little track. Back in 1997, Murph followed up an 81 at Spring Valley with a 96 here. He fared a little better this time out with an 89. No results, just some nice pics.

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