2003 ROMP from Oklahoma (the one that didn’t happen)

Romp 2003

Is it feeling… a bit… windy to you? Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt would be proud as the birdie chasers go to the midwest to do battle against the elements during tornado season. Murphy, who is looking forward to seeing his plaque from winning the West Coast 2002 ROMP, will be sporting a newly formed David Duval Programmed “bod” adding 10-15 yards to his drives. Nelson “Somebody tell him he doesn’t have to hit it from there” Pina, will be looking for a little more love from his flat stick than he got last year. Dave “The Sniper” Maynard will be looking for some redemption from his “One Hit Wonder” performance in 2001. Pat… will hopefully be able to come.

Player Profile- Dave Maynard

Player Profile- Brian Murphy

Player Profile- Nelson Pina

Player Profile- Patrick Rollo

Here’s are this year’s rules:

  • $5¬†entrance fee for engraving on ROMP “Blown Away” Plaque
  • Be ready to cough up some $$ for junk
  • The winner is determined by low net score for the week (1st get coveted ROMP plaque, 2nd gets the lusty medal)
  • Team winners determined by the points for team games, BBB, and Wolf. They will get a hearty handshake and beers from the two non-winners (and of course, there is still a Zima for Dave).
  • We will use the daily rolling handicap (handicaps are adjusted after the day’s events)

There could be a lot of wind generated this year… mainly from the defending champion’s practice swing. He will need to do the same for his real swing to beat this year’s gunning contenders. Murph is looking to start a Cowboys-like Dynasty, showing that other past winners were simply flukes, and that he is on top, where he belongs (I can’t even write this with a straight face).

Pictured: The ROMP Champion, Brian trying to stop the bleeding during his worst round of the week at Pajaro Valley.
Source:AP World

1 Romp stands for ROllo, Murphy, Maynard, and Pina

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