2008 ROMP from Rhode Island

Romp 2003

June 22nd to 25th 2008

“Heavy lies the crown,” says two-time and defending ROMP Champion Brian Murphy (1999, 2002), “I know that the other players are dying to unseat me, and there is concern that my new clubs may hold some magical advantage, so we’ll just have to see how the week goes.”Indeed, some of the courses chosen for the week have not been kind to the defending champion. Putterham has traditionally been good opportunity to score low, but since the Ryder Cup, the course has been remodeled. Point Judith has totally knocked the wheels off of the champ’s carriage and the Bay Club was also unkind. We will see whether the accurate Sniper, the well-rounded power hitter Fireball, or the home course advantaged and newly equipped Rollo will be able to make use of their opportunities.

Player Profile- Dave Maynard

Player Profile- Brian Murphy

Player Profile- Nelson Pina

Player Profile- Patrick Rollo

ROMP “Welcome Back Kotter” Tournament Rules:

  • $5 entrance fee for engraving on ROMP “Welcome Back Kotter” Plaque
  • Cumulative junk will be scored and awarded at the end of the tourney
  • The winner is determined by low net score for the week (1st get coveted ROMP plaque, 2nd gets the lusty medal)
  • Team winners determined by the points for team games, BBB, and Wolf. They will get a hearty handshake and beers from the two non-winners (and of course, there is still a tasty Red Bull for Dave).
  • We will use the course adjusted handicap for each round.

This year’s event is truly going to be testing some joints, bones, and cumulative lifetimes of pursuit of golfing excellence. Most of the players are now in a new decade of life, with the youngest reaching the milestone just after the tourney. Murph is looking to start a Patriots-like Dynasty, showing that other past winners were simply flukes, and that he is on top, where he belongs (I can’t even write this with a straight face).

Pictured left: The ROMP Champion, Brian trying to stop the bleeding during his worst round of the week at Pajaro Valley.

Schedule of Events
Day Venue Game
SUNDAY AM Putterham Wolf
MONDAY AM Point Judith Bri & Nelly versus Dave & Pat (best ball skins)
TUESDAY AM Bay Club Bri & Pat versus Nelly & Dave (best ball skins)
TUESDAY PM Bay Club Bri & Dave versus Nelly & Pat (best ball skins)

And what do we do with junk?

In reality? Nothing… noone has ever collected, but just in case…


Cumulative for the week gets the big prize (let’s call it $10 from each person for the week):

  1. Hole in 1 (automatically wins the JUNK)
  2. Best tee-off phrase per round (by vote)
  3. Closest to Pin on par 3s (1 pt per hole)
  4. Long drive on Par 5s, in fairway (1 pt per hole)
  5. Natural Sandies
  6. Natural Woodsies
  7. Net eagles and natural eagles
  8. Longest putt per round
  9. Chip-ins
  10. Worst shot of the round (by vote)
  11. Best recovery from worst position (Nelly has this one locked up, not that he puts himself in worst positions, you know what I mean)

1 Romp stands for ROllo, Murphy, Maynard, and Pina

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