Pat Rollo Player Profile

Patrick Rollo STATUS: Net Division B
FULL NAME: J. Patrick Rollo
HEIGHT: 5’ 10″
BIRTHDATE: September, 1968
BIRTHPLACE: Rhode Island
RESIDENCE: West Warwick, RI
FAMILY: Single
COLLEGE: Providence College
Individual Victories
Team Victories
2001- 1st Team Tourney (Marcotte, Rollo, 4th), 2000- 1st Firefly Classic (Murphy, Pina, Rollo, Marcotte), 1997 1st Scudder Open (Murphy, Magliozzi, Pina, Rollo)
Best Gross Score
Best Score (Strokes over par)
Career Highlights
Mount Snow, 1994 – Day 2 comeback from a 12 shot deficit to win going away and at the same time crushing the confidence of his best friend, David Maynard.
Nicknamed Rollo Tomase, Pat has a unique passion for the game. He is the most ardent practioner of night putting. Since his 1994 final day comeback victory over The Sniper, his and Maynard’s careers have gone in different directions. Rollo has been retuning his game with his local golf pro, Dave Marcotte, and has been controlling some of the big numbers on the scorecard that have hurt him in the past. His ability to maintain focus and throw a good score down, paired up with a sandbagger’s dream of a handicap has made him a solid competitor in past ROMP Tournaments. Recently, his participation in ROMP has been varied, with a foot injury in 2001 and a competing obligations leading to a no-show in 2002. The tournament directors have considered sending him back to Q-School, but his fellow players lobbied to keep his dream of becoming ROMP Champion alive. they hope to have him back for 2003.


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