This section is dedicated to inventing, tinkering and the overall creative process. Though these have been created for Halloween, I feel that it is this type of creativity that allows complex problem-solving in other parts of life. I owe many thanks to imagineers around the world who have inspired me. Though I am still a beginner in this field and have strict rules (see below), I have been able to create some interesting contraptions over the past few years. Over the next few months, I will be displaying the creative process for how I conceived and built some of my Halloween gadgets.

My personal rules for creating my Halloween contraptions:

  1. 90% of the the materials recycled from another product
  2. Must be able to be stored easily (collapsible is ideal)
  3. Must not use up a lot of energy
  4. Spooky is good, gory is not.

Some observations:

  1. Year 1 of a contraption is buggy
  2. Year 2, I improve or perfect the design

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