Decorative Furniture Finishing

Christine Losea uses her original artistic talents to create beautiful and fun decorative furniture for kids. Since 1991, her imaginitive creations have added the perfect touch to any playroom or child’s room. Although the majority of the art are Losea originals, she also can do “on demand” character** artwork, including Blues Clues**, Disney** characters and more.

Below are some samples which can be ordered online. If you wish to place an order, or find out a price for a piece, please click on the name of the item and you can order it. We will respond to you to confirm your order in about a day. If these samples inspire other ideas (changes of color, or some other type of art), make sure to check off the “Custom Item”, and describe your idea. Christine will create the item based on your idea.

Please note that the samples are shown before the finish coat is applied, so you can choose how glossy you would like to make your own piece. We recommend a thick glossy finish which will protect it.

Sample Furniture
(click on the picture for a larger version)
Jungle Love
Frog Pond
Starry Sky
Whale Rocking Chair

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